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Handcrafted silver jewelry, from classics till modern.
Sterling silver ring
It features nature inspired design with twisted flower stalks and cornflower buds. This sterling silver fine jewelry piece will be an unforgettable gift for her.
Orchid flower brooch
It is made from recycled sterling silver and features one of a kind nature jewelry piece.
Custom ear cuff
Custom ear cuff earring made from sterling silver and gold according to your wishes and our original design.
Story and process
Flowers are our passion, sea is our love, traditional silversmithing techniques is our method to recreate amazing nature forms. We do not use wax and molds, every piece of jewelry is made from sterling silver sheet and wire. That makes our jewelry truly one-of-a-kind.
Delivering and payment
We create our jewels and deliver them all over the world. Choose from our catalogue or make an individual order which includes discussing an idea, creating a sketch and producing a jewel. You can choose a convenient way of payment: by credit card or web money. If you order a creation of individual design, we reserve the right to take a prepayment on a discussion stage after a sketch statement.
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